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About Ates Trading Limited

We're an Australian Investment provider. It is our mission to lead change and move industry standards forward by providing unparalleled financial services and experiences, utilizing transparent ethical business practices, leading by example and encouraging other professionals to do the same. We are driven to craft long term and disciplined strategies for individuals, business owners and investors to achieve financial freedom. We provide professional, holistic and integrated investment service so people can do what they love and spend more time with family and friends.

We bring together a team of experts who collaborate to provide a financial plan that is catered to you and your finanicial wishes. We do this by creating a long-term partnership with you. We help you to protect and grow your wealth through simple, smart, and rational investing.

Most investors trade far too often.Most investors hold far too many positions in their portfolio.Most investors own the same cookie cutter investments as everyone else.Most investors don’t fully understand what they own.Because of these reasons, most investors underperform. Don’t be like most investors.

At Ates Trading you can take comfort knowing experienced professionals and knowledgeable staff are working with you.

We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Perfect Money currently.

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